Transform your life through Active Dreaming developed by Robert Moss, the art of taking your dreams literally and your life symbolically.

Your inner self guides you through dreams, whether they are sleeping or waking ones.

They’re waiting for you to acknowledge them.

As you establish a relationship with your dreams, you unleash the power of your inner self.

Luc offers individual coaching and group workshops in Active Dreaming to unleash your inner power and transform your life.


In her book The Power of Eight, Lynne McTaggart shows that through intention, groups of people, even small ones, can influence positively the health of individuals and events.

She also shows that serving others heals one’s self.

Dream groups are also known to provide healing energy.

Luc teaches dreaming-healing circles to harness the power of the inner self for the benefits of others and, through a boomerang effect, ourselves.


Our inner self contains our past and future lives.

Through hypnosis, it may provide us insight from other lives to help our current one, clear issues from another time, improve our health and wellbeing, and even activate unsuspected talents.

Luc offers group and individual past-life regression.


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