“Quantum Dreaming and Spiritual hypnosis: tools for personal or spiritual growth.”

I’m offering an introductory workshop on Quantum Dreaming on November 19, 2017, 1-4 pm.

Working with ancient tools brought into modern times by Robert Moss’s school of dreaming, we communicate with the powers that speak to us in dreams. We learn how to share dreams and receive personal and collective guidance for our lives.

These methods are ideal for individuals looking for help in questioning and exploring their higher self. Individuals who have used them find them beneficial as sources of relaxation, comfort, serenity and well-being; many report feeling a greater sense of spirituality and inner peace, seeing improvements in their mood and their health as well as their life’s direction.

If you are looking for answers or deeper meaning, these methods will allow you to probe your higher self for clues about fundamental issues such as:

  • the meaning of life
  • the reason behind an illness or unease
  • relationships
  • unexplained life events

I greatly appreciate this exciting session. It felt like my analytical side was left to be quiet while my higher self took over and explained the visualisations that came in. It was a different level of awareness in the body flowing throughout. I experienced some very interesting interpretations of what past experiences have affected in the present time. I look forward to the next session where we can go deeper into trance to access more information. Thanks for your kindness, generosity, trust and the chance to meet with you and work with you Luc!